Challenge Ventures, LLC is a technology gamification company building and managing leading brand platforms.  Our scalable, domain based platform creates niche, interactive gaming systems that matches sponsors with targeted users.  Challenge Ventures, LLC is  growing quickly by leading the niche gaming space ontop of premium assets including,,, and others.

Platform as a service to create a gaming network based around evolving user challenges.

With one of the worlds best “challenge” related digital assets, we were planning on launching,, and other related verticals along with our mobile app.

We hoped that after selling the company I co-founded, Domain Holdings, , which did $31,000,000 in transactions in 2014, to the Flippa/99 Designs founders, that thier distribution channel would be a great source and a win/win situation to engage and filter audiences into venture creation, equity distribution upon these assets..  The venture never came about as owners of 99Designs/Flippa were to focused on there current ventures.. I was sadden and eventually left a couple months after the acquisition and dont work for free, unless its charity.  But as fate has it, I was attending a pitch night here in Boca Raton and found an old contact years back that is working now on

After we briefly had a lunch meeting, we decided to go all in on Venturing with MediaOps and his team to create DevOpsChallenge, the industry leading Devops game for professionals to test, show, learn and earn using there knowledge and stills.  Its moving fast by utilizing our iChallenge vertical framework and our VNOC system and will soon have over 10,000 profile DevOp professionals from around the work in the largest game of its kind.