VR came out of left field but is what were the most excited about now that we have gone full into research and development mode.  I lost over $100k trying VentureCamp and my private estate (kesslermansion.com) has sat empty for the past 2 years.  When we learned about the horrible issue happening with PTSD and every 30 minutes a Veteran taking their life, we had to act.  The state of Indiana also created a $30,000,000 mental health fund so the two data points got us thinking..  Lets utilize the estate, which is already set up to house 22 people, and do something that’s impactful, rewarding and circular in nature.  As part of our model, we commit 2% equity grant options with any venture created within Global Ventures into charity programs.   We’re excited to announce that 1% will go into Wounded Warriores Foundation and 1% into Training.org