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Investing in the ever-evolving high-tech landscape can be a challenging endeavor, with numerous projects vying for attention in the market. At Global Ventures, we offer a smarter approach to investment through Globalventures's Venture Building model, which has consistently produced successful high-tech startups with high ROI potential.

Navigating the high-tech investment landscape requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to innovative processes. With Globalventures's Venture Building model, investors gain access to our in-house teams of experts and proven processes that have not only birthed multiple profitable startups but have also attracted external funding.

Our Vision

Global Ventures is dedicated to becoming a leader in the venture-building domain, propelling the success of innovative startups worldwide. We firmly believe in the potential of the venture building model and the transformative power of Web 3.0 within the tech industry. Join us at the forefront of this exciting change and help shape the future of technology.

The Opportunity


domains registered and over 80% not active or on parking pages.


40% of America’s workforce will be Freelancers by 2028


unique visitors/month on Parking Platforms


of Millennials want to start a business in the next 5 years.

For Forward-Thinking Investors

Why You Should Join Our Movement

Here are 10 compelling reasons why investors should consider investing in Global Ventures:


Network Effect and Synergy

VNOC's integrated People/Network and customized apps create dynamic network effects within your asset portfolio, ensuring efficient management of leads, contributors, and team members, all from one intuitive panel.


Diverse Portfolio

With a wide range of companies in their portfolio, investors gain access to a diverse set of high-potential startups in various industries, including FinTech and Web 3.0.


Founder Economics

Investors can benefit from higher equity stakes due to founder economics, reducing dilution and increasing potential returns on investment.


Capital Efficiency

Global Ventures' streamlined building processes optimize time and cost, reducing capital needs and dilution for investors.


Recycling Investment:

The firm leverages lessons from both successes and failures, providing compounded learning and reusing assets like code and IT infrastructure to maximize ROI.


Shared Resources

Portfolio companies have access to shared resources such as talent, technology, and infrastructure, maximizing their potential for success.


Better Deal Flow

By actively seeking opportunities and building ventures, Global Ventures ensures a continuous stream of investment opportunities rather than waiting for traditional deal flow.


Access to Top Talent

Global Ventures' reputation attracts top talent that standalone startups may struggle to secure, giving portfolio companies an advantage from day one.


Hands-On Support

As both investors and builders, Global Ventures takes a hands-on approach to supporting portfolio companies, helping them achieve their goals effectively.


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What They Say


Globalventures has been a game-changer for our business. Their unique three-pronged approach helped us build a rock-solid team and secure the funding we needed to expand our operations. Working with them has been nothing short of transformative.

Tamzyn French
Tamzyn French

I was looking for a way to take my startup to the next level, and Globalventures provided the perfect solution. Their VNOC platform helped me manage my digital assets more efficiently, and with Contrib, I found the right talent to make my business soar.

John Miller
John Miller

Globalventures doesn't just talk about innovation; they live it. Their collaborative model allowed us to tap into a network of brilliant minds, and the results have been astonishing. Our growth trajectory has never been steeper.

Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson