The GlobalVentures Model: Compressing Time and Increasing Value Using Our Saas Platforms

Our model is based on a powerful trifecta that combines the strengths of three distinct platforms: VNOC, Contrib, and Eshares. Together, they form the foundation for launching and nurturing high-value, tech-driven startups.

The Venture Builder

VNOC serves as the bedrock of our model, offering a comprehensive platform to streamline domain management and collaboration.
With VNOC, we set the stage for efficient asset control and seamless teamwork.

Build Your Network

Contrib acts as the crucial building blocks, allowing us to assemble dynamic teams and unlock innovation. This network of talented individuals fuels our ventures' growth, ensuring they flourish in the competitive landscape.

Automated Liquidity Cap Table Management Tool

eShares acts as the catalyst in our model. By leveraging the power of blockchain through eShares, we tokenize assets, offer fractional ownership, and manage contributions effectively.

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Eshares Economics:

The eShares Model on Every URL in Our Ecosystem

Eshares (ESH) form the economic backbone of our RealtyDao and our Digital Ecosystem within VNOC, enabling fractional ownership and trading of digital assets.

These tokens adhere to the ERC20 standard and facilitate transparent, secure, and efficient transactions within the RealtyDAO ecosystem. As an investor, Eshares offer opportunities for portfolio diversification and exposure to the dynamic domain and token markets.

With fixed launch fees and reserved percentages, Eshares contribute to the sustainability and growth of the platform. They provide a unique asset class that merges the benefits of blockchain technology, NFTs, and real-world assets, all underpinned by a robust tokenomics model.

Realtydao Economics:

Tokenization Platform for Digital Assets

RealtyDAO envisions a future where digital asset ownership is more accessible, liquid, and community-driven. By pioneering fractional ownership solutions and embracing blockchain technology, RealtyDAO aims to revolutionize the way we think about and interact with digital assets.

Key Features

  • Token Fractionalization
  • Efficient Deployment
  • Ownership Reclamation
  • Transparency

The Free Referral Platform for Social and Digital Assets is a dynamic platform within the Global Ventures ecosystem that harnesses the power of collaboration and innovation. It's where brilliant minds come together to create, manage, and monetize ventures that drive shared success. With a focus on connecting like-minded professionals and experts, is at the forefront of shaping the future of technology, and Web3 ventures. Discover the potential of collaborative innovation and explore new horizons with

Key Features

  • Social Rewards Campaign
  • Invite for Perks Campaign
  • Gamification Campaigns
  • Blockhain Integration

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